Intellekt: our intelligent buildings service

Empowering you to make better decisions

Intellekt is Skanska’s intelligent building service that utilises a web-based platform to collect, analyse and act upon real-time data to improve your building’s performance. 

We want to help you get the best out of your building, by sharing our insights with you. Focusing on carbon reduction, operational efficiency, and productivity, Intellekt provides you with comprehensive data through a series of simple dashboards from one-easy-to-navigate platform. Our experts are then able to unlock the value of this data and make clear recommendations, at the touch of a button. 

The platform hosts your building’s digital twin, creating the connection between the virtual and physical worlds. This empowers impactful changes, not only for you and the people who use your building, but also the environment and these changes can be carried out either on-site or remotely.

Intellekt will allow you to meet your operational goals. Whether that’s lowering running costs, being a leader in carbon reduction or creating a premium space, our solution delivers the knowledge and foresight to make your ambitions a reality.

Intellekt Dashboard - Energy
Intellekt Dashboard - Efficiency
Intellekt Dashboard - Carbon
Intellekt Digital Twin

It’s the Intellekt insights that really set us apart, with recommendations that enact positive change to improve operational efficiency at all levels, from the building itself, to those who use it.

Intellekt is available through a fixed-annual subscription, which includes annual licensing of our software as well as access to our team of experts.

This market-leading solution not only helps you get the best from buildings today and tomorrow, but also empowers you to make better decisions.

51 Moorgate

Since being implemented at Skanska’s flagship London office, 51 Moorgate, Intellekt has enabled the following savings:

  • 35% less energy used
  • 10% facilities management efficiency improvement