Getting to the targets

New tools and a data-driven, whole-life approach are at the heart of achieving our carbon reduction goals

Ambitious and practical targets

We recognise the targets are challenging, but we think they are achievable.

We have developed a range of tools to help us reach them, including an advanced analytics application and will focus on cutting whole-life and construction emissions.

Using data to cut carbon and cost

Building on our PAS2080 carbon management in infrastructure certification, we’re continually improving whole-life carbon management.

Our analytics tool allows us to target high-impact areas to cut the most emissions. It is continually updated, and uses data such as environmental product declarations, so we can offer customers industry-leading cost and carbon insight.

Cutting whole-life asset emissions

The construction industry has a responsibility beyond project supply chain emissions. It must minimise the ongoing emissions of the assets it builds and maintains. Our low carbon roadmap focuses on this, as well as construction phase emissions. We use the Skanska Color Palette™ on every project with over £5 million revenue. This measures environmental performance in four key areas, including construction emissions and the post-handover energy efficiency of the asset.

Measuring our impact on the whole-life emissions of an asset is a crucial part of being a low carbon leader. Our supply chain emissions are nine times higher than the direct emissions we traditionally reported. We believe post-handover emissions from the assets we have built will be many times greater than this.

We are working with the Carbon Trust to develop a protocol for measuring post-handover emissions. We believe all tier one construction firms should work towards transparently measuring and reporting their impact on whole-life emissions. In the meantime, we will continue to reduce whole-life carbon emissions on a project-by-project basis, using the principles of the low carbon roadmap and PAS2080.

Last updated: 30/04/2019