Giving back to society

We are committed to creating long-lasting value for the communities in which we work with legacies that go beyond concrete and steel. We do this through long-term partnerships with charities and through our 'Lend a Hand' volunteer programme.

Charity partnerships

Long-term charity partnerships can provide invaluable knowledge, relationships and specialist skills for the communities in which we work. Partnering with the right organisations is key to maximising these opportunities.

We work with charities to understand how they operate and what they need. We then agree how we can best help them by providing our time, skills and materials, free of charge.


Groundwork supports thousands of people every year, through their community and environmental projects.

They provide training and support to the nation's jobseekers and those still at school, helping them develop new skills and get into work.

The charity supports many community projects, and helps thousands of people work together to create better places. These include parks, play areas, allotments, nature reserves and many other treasured spaces that matter to them.

Since our partnership with Groundwork began in 2014, over 360 of our employees have taken part in over 30 team volunteer events.

Last updated: 28/03/2017