Low carbon roadmap

The low carbon roadmap is one of the key tools we are using to reduce emissions

Skanska UK has developed a low carbon roadmap

The roadmap sets out how Skanska UK will reduce carbon emissions. It is based on whole-life principles, which means it looks at how to cut our own impact, and that of the supply chain, together with reducing legacy emissions of assets (such as infrastructure and buildings). Legacy emissions are those produced from the ultimate end-

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Six focus areas

The focus areas of the low carbon roadmap are:
  • Targets and measurements
    Improving carbon measurement and target-setting at all levels, ensuring that reducing carbon emissions also leads to reduced costs.
  • Estimating and design
    Continually embedding low carbon principles into the way we estimate and design, particularly utilising data driven whole-life principles.
  • Commercial and financial
    Developing financial and commercial solutions that promote collaboration across the supply chain and incentivising a low carbon approach, particularly over the whole life of a project or asset.
  • Plant and transport
    Cutting the carbon emissions of our plant and transport as fast as technology allows.
  • Collaboration
    Collaborating with our supply chain to develop and procure lower carbon materials.
  • Asset management
    Managing assets – such as buildings or infrastructure – in ways that reduce carbon emissions.
Last updated: 30/04/2019