3D printing for construction

We were among the first to recognise the potential of 3D printing within the construction industry.

3D printed materials at 6 Bevis Marks

We pioneered the use of 3D printed materials on a major London building project, as well as being lead partners in a research group exploring 3D printing.

For the 6 Bevis Marks office project in London we achieved an industry first with the 3D printed cladding 'shrouds' for the top section of the stunning ETFE (a durable, transparent and light-weight material) canopy on the building's roof terrace.

3D materials were used to harness complex interfaces between the roof and supporting columns. Traditional methods, such as case steel nodes, would have been much more expensive and difficult to produce.

3D concrete printing research

To continue developing the use of 3D printing in construction, we're now working closely with Loughborough University. Together we're continuing research into 3D concrete printing technology and its applications with the Manufacturing Technology Centre.

We are currently working with a range of influential partners including:

  • Foster + Partners
  • ABB
  • Tarmac

The main focus of our work is around the manufacturing process and particularly the delivery of the world's first commercial concrete printing robot.

We are focusing on the manufacturing process, specifically the delivery of the concrete in the robot – the system of delivery, the concrete mix and the computer programming needed to convert 3D digital drawings into robotic language. We are interested in how it works and behaves over 20 years.

Our aim is to also explore opportunities to create a 3D printing supply chain.

Last updated: 23/01/2017