Facts and figures

A selection of facts about our mechanical, electrical and public health engineering business, showing the size, complexity and sustainability of what we do...

Over the last five years we have delivered:

  • £500 million of London commercial office space
  • 4.3 million sqft of office space in total
  • 23 green buildings, with BREEAM, WELL or LEED accreditation and we’re working on 35 others.

In a typical year, we install around...

  • 80,000m of electrical primary containment, enough to stretch between London and Brighton
  • 1,050km of power cabling, enough to stretch from London to Copenhagen
  • 230,000m of electrical pipework, enough to take you round the M25 2,000 times
  • 14,000m of ductwork, equivalent to 150 times the height of Big Ben
  • 12,000 sprinkler heads

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