Continuous flight auger

Installing piles without vibration. Continuous flight auger (CFA) piles are one of the most commonly used in their field. Generally, a CFA rig can only bore as deep as its mast is high.

Advantages of CFA piling

Piles are constructed by drilling with a continuous flight auger to the designed depth. Concrete is then pumped through the hollow stem of the auger during its extraction. CFA enables rigs to place concrete below groundwater level, eliminating the need for casing.

Benefits of automation

Computerised automation of the boring and concreting sequence results in the reliability and uniformity of production.

We have developed an electronic control system called AUTO-CFA® which allows pile installation to be controlled automatically by a monitoring computer. This removes the need for manual tracking and provides consistency in pile installation.

Cementation Skanska’s CFA piles are currently among the most monitored and predictable foundation elements in use.

Last updated: 08/01/2024