Fair payment

We have demonstrated our commitment to fair payment by renewing our support and pledge to the construction supply chain payment charter.

The payment charter

The payment charter  is an important statement of our commitment to fair and prompt payment. We strongly believe that fair and transparent payment is essential to helping us successfully win and deliver our projects with our clients, customers and supply chain partners.

Prompt payment code

Under the charter, we are committing to standard contractual payment terms. By 2018, we will ensure that payments are made to our supply chain not more than 30 calendar days from the end of the calendar month in which the works were carried out, or the products were supplied. The vast majority of contracts with our suppliers already reflect 30-day payment.

Better together

Our diverse supply chain provides us with innovative ways of working. It also allows us to maintain capacity in a growing construction market.

Achieving the combined benefits of the charter requires everyone to work together, including clients, main contractors and members of the supply chain.

We have adjusted our business model to reflect our commitment. We've also standardised payment terms with our supply chain partners, to pass on to those delivering our projects on site.

We will be reporting our payment performance in line with future legislative requirements.

Please join us in committing to the code and charter. In doing so, we can successfully deliver projects together, while contributing to local and wider communities – building for a better society.

Last updated: 23/01/2017