Maintained load test system

Maintained load test system

Sector: Piling/GE

The MLT60 maintained load testing system offers the highest testing capacity available in the UK and one of the highest in the world. Able to test pile loads up to 60 meganewtons (MN) – equivalent to the weight of around 4,000 family cars – it can be transported for use on sites across the UK and Europe.

Having the ability to accurately test foundations to much higher loads and knowing precisely when they will fail can offer significant efficiency gains. Scope and designs can be rationalised using the extra data obtained, in turn saving cost and carbon.

To complement the MLT60’s impressive load test capability, the test system includes sophisticated data capture and instrumentation built in using fibre optic sensing technology. This enables the collection and interpretation of data on where forces are going, how the ground is behaving and what else may influence the point of failure.

Every aspect is totally bespoke including the frame, hydraulics, instrumentation and data storage and processing. Because safety was designed in from the start, manual handling and working at height have been virtually eliminated. It also has a full set of temporary works designs covering every part of its safety and stability while being assembled and dismantled.

Without the MLT60, the typical capacity limit of a maintained load test system is around 30MN.

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