Driving faster, more efficient delivery

We are continually improving what we can deliver to you – through learning and innovation and technological development.

All of this is underpinned by our dedication to understanding your needs and tailoring an approach to meet them that’s delivered through a trusted partnership.

Using technology to provide insight for our customers

As an early adopter of BIM (building information modelling) in design and construction, Skanska became one of the first contractors to be awarded the highest level of BIM certification, the BSI BIM Kitemark™.

Working to BIM Level 2 enables us to partner collaboratively with our customers, sharing information and providing visible progress management throughout the project.

We are experts at using digital twins in construction projects – a sophisticated 3D BIM model, with a range of information about the building and its assets – to deliver cost, programme and operational benefits to our customers. This approach is standard on all our education projects.

We use 4D digital rehearsals – these use the 3D model to simulate the construction programme across a period of time – to ensure we deliver projects in the most efficient and effective way possible. We also use 5D digital modelling, which also includes carbon and cost data, to deliver a range of efficiency savings for customers, while cutting emissions.

A range of digital expertise

We use a variety of other digital tools, which complement of our use of BIM, across our projects.

This includes virtual reality technology, which allows customers to visualise the completed building. We also use augmented reality solutions. These are used on site, at the location of a project. They enable a person to get an ‘augmented’ view of what is front of them, with a computer-generated model overlaying what they are seeing. For example, you could be standing in a classroom in a construction project and use it to see – through virtual technology – the location of pipes and wires behind a wall – or anything else that is in the 3D BIM model. We use both virtual and augmented reality technology to drive efficiency savings and deliver high quality projects.

And, we use other solutions, too. For example, at the Trinity Academy project in Bristol, we used industry-leading energy modelling software to run performance simulations on the digital model. This enabled us to make informed decisions on how we should construct the building envelope. It also helped us simplify the design and reduce the number of different elements fabricated.

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