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Whether it's first-class construction, infrastructure or building management, or green solutions, we deliver with our values at the centre of everything we do.

Facts and figures

These facts highlight just some of our achievements in the defence sector:

  • 800 modular bedrooms delivered at Worthy Down.
  • 2,800 tonnes of carbon emissions saved on one year during the refurbishment of MoD Whitehall.
  • 230km of mechanical and electrical pipework installed annually.
  • 1,050km of power cable and lighting installed in a typical year.
  • 23 green buildings with BREEAM, WELL or LEED accreditation delivered in the last five years.
  • 228,000 planned and reactive maintenance tasks completed in the average year.
  • 133 homes could be powered for a year by the solar panels installed at Worthy Down.
  • 130 years of experience working in the built environment.
  • 6,600 hours of volunteering done each year for good causes.
  • £1.3 billion spent annually with over 5,000 suppliers that share our commitment to being safe, green, diverse and ethical.

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Last updated: 29/07/2021