Renewals and upgrades

Passenger-first transformation of existing infrastructure – delivering increased efficiency while maximising safety and operational reliability.

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334SAS13 bridge replacement project
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With operational reliability and certainty on maintenance costs a priority, working on rail renewal and upgrades allows us to bring our project management, planning and design expertise to the fore.

Our experienced designers and engineers excel in using their knowledge and vision to design for long term efficiency and safety. Very simply, that means more pounds in the ground. Or, making sure the money goes into the infrastructure itself by minimising overhead and delivering the most comprehensive, cost effective and sustainable solutions.   

During works, reliability and responsiveness are at the core of our working practices. We never lose sight of the areas that can make the difference between the railway continuing to operate and not, so, minimising disruption is always a priority.

Our renewal and track side services, include design and build of:

  • Substructures and superstructures
  • Building work, retaining walls, support structures, coastal defences
  • Walkways and platforms
  • Overbridges, underbridges, footbridges and tunnels
  • Culverts, subways and undertrack crossing
  • Cable route works
  • Earthworks
Last updated: 31/07/2023