Carbon intensity

It is important to measure and reduce carbon intensity and it is as significant as the total level of emissions produced by an organisation.

Why we measure carbon intensity

Carbon intensity is the amount – in tonnes of CO2 equivalent gases – emitted for each £1 million of Skanska UK’s revenue.

The lower the figure, the better: this means the organisation’s activities are producing a lower level of emissions.

Our goal is to reduce Skanska UK's carbon intensity to 130 by 2030.

Once we have reached our net-zero carbon emission target, our intensity will also be at zero.

Different activities – or types of work – produce more carbon than others.

Carbon intensity can highlight these, so emissions can be reduced.

An organisation’s total amount of carbon emissions is just one part of the total carbon picture. That is why we use a range of different ways of measuring emissions.

Last updated: 14/12/2022