Building lifecycle solutions

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We are able to provide innovative, sustainable solutions that can help add value throughout any stage of an asset's lifecycle, from design through to construction, fit out, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Our approach to lifecycle management aligns with the DIO’s strategy to deliver best value over the whole lifespan of assets.

A wide variety of services

We can help you improve sustainability and reduce costs, through contributing at the design stage of projects, providing value-engineered solutions. Our expertise will enable you to reduce carbon emissions, use the greenest and most cost-effective materials and ensure you have the most efficient delivery programme.

Our mechanical, electrical and public health engineering experts can fully fit out projects with everything they need, from heating and ventilation to plumbing and security systems.

Our facilities management teams look after some of the most secure defence establishments in the UK, such as Northwood HQ and MoD Whitehall.

Our focus is on effective asset management, with technology driving efficiency.

Sustainable facilities management

We are rated as one of the top three sustainable facilities management companies in the UK by the Sustainable Facilities Management Index. In 2020, we received a platinum rating from the index for the sixth year in row.

A strategic defence partner

We have a strong track record of successful defence projects

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Last updated: 29/07/2021