The expertise of our people

For us, building information modelling is not about software, it’s about people. It’s about giving them the skills to develop faster, greener and leaner projects.

Early adoption

As an early adopter, we recognise the difference that building information modelling (BIM) is making, improving how we design, construct, deliver and maintain building and infrastructure projects.

Thanks to our early start, we now have people with many years' experience and strong supply chain relationships. It means that we are able to derive maximum benefit from BIM, implementing it on a wide range of projects, benefiting clients and end-users alike.

Training and development

Digital technologies require on-going training and development. We have always seen BIM as an opportunity for our people to learn new skills, spending less time on automated tasks and more on activities that add value.

This has led to the creation of two new training packages:

  • Corporate BIM training providing an introduction to the system
  • Technical BIM training on the Pinnacle platform, providing 'just-in-time' training on software and workflows for more experienced users.

International collaboration

As part of our commitment to work smarter, our global Senior Executive Team sponsors multiple global expert groups which share best practice in our core competencies from around the world, including BIM.

The BIM expert group features a member from each of the countries we operate in, who actively shares their experience and knowledge. Through bi-monthly meetings we are able to discuss BIM implementation, lessons learned on projects, industry insights and areas of common interest for further development.

The BIM expert group also sponsors an annual Global BIM Summit and arranges quarterly webinars, with other areas of our expert groups, such as in safety or green.

Last updated: 23/01/2017