Petrol driven cut-off saws (STIHL)

In 2013, Skanska, STIHL and CSkills joined forces to develop a new training programme, with accompanying videos to promote the safe use of petrol driven cut-off saws in the construction industry.

What was the problem?

Following an accident on a project in November 2012 involving a cut-off saw, the investigation undertaken by Skanska highlighted the need for enhanced training across the industry. One of the biggest causes of injury when using cut-off saws, is kick-back when the cutting wheel jams. This is often caused by operator error and can result in life-threatening or life-changing industries.

What did we do?

In order to help address the industry-wide issue regarding training for the use of cut-off saws, we worked with cut-off saw manufacturer STIHL and awarding organisation CSkills, to develop an enhanced training programme, which can be delivered by certified CSkills trainers.

The partnership also produced a series eight-module training videos which are freely available to deliver training on sites, with content accessed via various media channels including YouTube.

What was the outcome?

The training has been rolled out across Skanska UK and our supply chain. The videos have proved invaluable for local refresher training and awareness briefings, resulting in a reduction in incidents involving cut-off saws.

Last updated: 23/01/2017