Overhead power lines

Our work installing piles and constructing bases for new electricity pylons, is vital for utilities providers to update existing overhead power lines and create new routes and capacity for transporting renewable energy.

C16 New Cumnock
C26 NC Testing
New Cumnock Demob
Tomatin 38 from above

Being connected to mains power is a lifeline for communities and businesses whatever their location.  At Cementation Skanska we have been helping to deliver power to and from some of the harshest and most remote environments in the UK for more than 10 years.

Since 2013, we have installed over 4,000 piles and over 80 test piles for 265 towers in Scotland alone.

The experience of our teams means we have the technical expertise and wide range of equipment and knowledge to meet a variety of challenges and offer a complete solution.

Often working in remote parts of the Scottish Highlands, we have combined our technical expertise with our onsite experience to develop working practices that ensure we can deliver the right solutions in even the most challenging environments. 

Projects benefit from our in-house design teams and detailed understanding of local geologies and ground conditions.

We offer early advice, identify and address potential problems early on and develop solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

The expertise of our people is reinforced by the breadth and availability of our rigs, machinery and materials which we transport to site teams at each tower location.

While our site teams are provided welfare and support, it is also essential that they are self-sufficient and can operate safety in remote areas. So, they are equipped with everything necessary to complete the project, including their own water supply, satellite phones and defibrillators.


Since 2013, Cementation Skanska has delivered six contracts across Scotland for both single and repeat clients. The work generally involves installing piles of varying diameters which are then permanently cased to allow the team to reach the rock head and drill the rock to form a socket.

Project statistics

Total value over £21 million
Total number of towers 265
Total number of piles 4026
Total number of test piles 82
Tomatin 8nr towers
8nr test piles
160nr micropiles
New Cumnock 109nr towers, this consisted of a total of 1639nr piles
23nr test piles
Denny OHL (2013) 57 nr towers
936nr piles
Inverary to Crossaig 58nr towers (928No piles)
220nr, 185mm micropiles
273nr, 220mm micropiles
17nr test piles
Beauly to Keith OHL 48nr piles mini piles
3 nr Towers
2nr test piles
Lairg to Loch Buidhe 268nr mini piles
22nr towers
30nr working loads tests, 4nr sacrificial
Kincardine 3nr Towers
48nr pile 
Kilmarnock 5nr Tower
80nr piles


Last updated: 19/12/2022