Civic buildings

We work with local authorities to transform the way civic buildings are built and maintained.

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Our expertise in design, construction, operations and maintenance enables us to deliver at every stage of a public sector development’s life cycle, from first foundations to switching out the lights at night.

Our local authority customers range from Woking Borough Council in Surrey to West Dunbartonshire Council in Scotland, and include Brent Civic Centre, the greenest public building in the UK when it was built. It is expected to save Brent Council £2.5 million a year through reduced heating, lighting and maintenance costs.

Looking after council facilities

Local government provides many essential and much-loved services. From day care centres, libraries and swimming pools to shopping centres, leisure facilities and homes for older people, we keep them all running smoothly, 24/7. It’s important to us that we work with and support the local economy and local businesses wherever our projects take us.

Find more information in our facilities management section.

Last updated: 23/01/2017