Geotechnical and infrastructure monitoring solutions

Keeping people and assets safe with specialist testing and monitoring services.

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Geotechnical and infrastructure monitoring solutions

Keeping people and assets safe with specialist testing and monitoring services

As founding members of the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure (CSIC) we’ve been leading the way in monitoring for nearly two decades, bringing new technologies to clients and the industry.

As part of Cementation Skanska, we’ve long carried out extensive research and testing to better understand pile performance. This led us to be one of the early pioneers of distributed fibre optic sensing (DFOS) for monitoring and testing infrastructure and ground behaviour. It’s a technique with many potential uses which has now been refined and developed for more widespread application in the construction industry.

Distributed fibre optic sensing

Of course, monitoring isn’t new but traditional methods can be limited. DFOS on the other hand is quick and safe to install and offers a cost-effective solution with long term reliability. It can be installed in virtually any configuration and for long distances (20km) making it incredibly adaptable. Because the whole fibre is the sensor, it delivers a continuous profile from every point of the installation, giving a complete picture.

Able to measure a range of parameters, including strain, temperature and acoustics/vibration, DFOS is ideally suited to measuring and monitoring performance and behaviour in a wide range of applications including geotechnical, structural, infrastructure and flood defence. For example, capturing ground movement and behaviour, measuring the distribution of strain within structural elements, long term monitoring of assets and infrastructure for anomalies and weaknesses, monitoring temperature gradients to evaluate integrity and detecting potential failures.

Our experts

Our experts are specialists in using fibre optics to create solutions that help keep assets safe and working as they should.

As one of the UK’s first adopters of DFOS for geotechnical monitoring we continue to innovate and develop its use for a wider range of applications.

Whether we need to make sure things are working, keep them working by predicting repairs and maintenance, or learn how they work so we can build better in the future, every application is different. That’s why, when it comes to designing solutions, our experience and knowledge is so important. We pride ourselves on delivering the most valuable data and insight by optimising the design of monitoring solutions for each application.

We offer clients an end-to-end service. Designing, installing and monitoring systems as well as collecting and interpreting data for risk management, problem solving and solution development.

Last updated: 08/02/2024