Stop the drop

In 2014, as part of our on-going drive to create an injury-free environment on our sites, we teamed up with Enfield Supplies to run a week-long initiative called ‘Stop the Drop’.

What was the problem?

Falling objects are a significant safety risk in the construction sector. In 2012/13 they caused one death, 191 major injuries and 470 injuries where people were off work for over seven days. The aim of the ‘Stop the Drop’ campaign was to raise awareness of the dangers.

What did we do?

The week long campaign featured practical advice and guidance covering everything from how to store things safely to tool tethering and lifting operations.

Campaign material centred on making the danger tangible for all to understand and included videos, daily briefings, a drop calculator and discussions around individual’s experiences.

In partnership with Enfield Supplies, a series of roadshows were undertaken to discuss risks with the workforce and provide tethering solutions for tools that are used at height.

What was the outcome?

An increased awareness of the impact of falling objects and the ranges of solutions that should be used when working at height with tools and equipment.

Last updated: 23/01/2017