Geotechnical monitoring

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Geotechnical monitoring

Working with our piling and ground engineering colleagues in Cementation Skanska our skill and experience in geotechnical monitoring is extensive. From static load testing and thermal integrity profiling (CemOptics) to monitoring foundations for reuse and long-term monitoring of piles.

We’re leaders in the field, capable of deploying established techniques and designing bespoke solutions, sometimes combining traditional methods such as vibrating wire instruments with the very latest developments in fibre optic technology.

We offer expert advice and input into specifications, ensuring the technology is deployed in the most effective way. Once on site, we’ve developed our own techniques to make sure the fibreoptic cables can be quickly and reliably installed and we will oversee the implementation process.

Our in-house team can provide both factual and interpretative reports, using a range of tools to ensure that the data can be clearly understood.


Deep foundations need to stand the test of time so checking their quality is essential. CemOptics is our own patented system that uses fibre optic sensing technology for thermal integrity testing. Widely used across the piling industry, it provides detailed information on placing, curing and final integrity of concrete in deep foundations and is fully compliant with the Institution of Civil Engineers Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls (SPERW).

Our technicians review the data in real time to identify any anomalies and potential problems. This award-winning solution is simple to install and, when compared to using the reservation ducts required for other, intrusive tests, is both safer and reduces the carbon footprint.


Last updated: 17/10/2023