Pharmaceutical and research facilities

Supporting the pharmaceutical and research industry is one of the ways we help build for a better society.

Our approach

In designing and building pharmaceutical and research facilities, our global reach lets us share best practice from across the world. This helps us create environments to meet this highly-regulated and innovative industry’s many and varied needs.

Whether it’s a tightly controlled laboratory, or a multi-purpose research centre, our design expertise ensures an efficient and cost-effective construction process.

Throughout the design and build process, we work with customers, helping them consider future uses for their buildings. Our approach allows for everyone’s input, thereby sharing ownership and success.

Find out about some of Skanska’s work in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors:

Building the European Spallation Source

Skanska is building the European Spallation Source, a research facility in Lund, Sweden. The facility’s unique capabilities will help researchers tackle some of the most complex challenges confronting science and medicine. Protons will be shot through a 537-metre long tunnel at almost the speed of light, to collide with a massive rotating helium-cooled tungsten wheel, which then releases neutrons. These are then led via neutron guides to different scientific experimental stations. The project design and build is being delivered through a highly collaborative approach with our customer. Our UK engineering team is providing the fit-out knowledge and expertise in support of our Swedish colleagues who are responsible for delivering the facility.

Last updated: 23/01/2017