Smart enable your building

As a master systems integrator, we will design, create and implement a network solution that enables you to stream your building’s data in real time to the cloud and send it to a smart building application or storage facility.

Cloud-based smart building applications improve the performance of your building, cut operational expenditure, and increase the lifespan of key assets, while benefiting tenants and sustainability.

The solutions we install will collect and correctly format the data from all the mechanical and electrical assets within your building and create
a cloud-compliant live stream.

Additional sensors, using internet-of-things (IoT) technology, can be added, allowing extra environmental data to be sent to the cloud.

We will also create a unique identifier for every asset, using a standards-based labelling convention, enabling them to be recognised from the cloud. These labels are also used inthe building information modelling (BIM) model and associated common data environment.

And, we will install and configure any IT hardware that you need to smart enable your building, such as IP gateways.

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Last updated: 21/09/2021