Our journey to net-zero

From alternative fuels to low carbon concrete we’ve been collaborating with customers, supply chains and specialist partners to set new standard in sustainability excellence.

When you consider the heavy plant and nature of materials needed, it’s no surprise that piling and foundations can be carbon intensive activities. That’s why we’re constantly pushing ourselves and the industry to find new ways to reduce the consumption of carbon by our sector.

To that end, we are bringing all our Skanska expertise to bear, as well as calling on external specialists in specific technologies, to reduce carbon in every way we can.

Design, materials, plant and transport are carbon focus areas built into every one of our projects. And, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to find the best and most carbon efficient solutions.

By trialling and introducing new techniques and technologies, trailblazing plant and product innovations, reducing resource consumption with optimised designs and using recycled steel and high cement-replacement concrete, our goal is set on building for a sustainable future.

Last updated: 08/02/2024