Our organisation and governance

Good corporate governance ensures that Skanska is managed responsibly, efficiently and in a sustainable way on behalf of all of our stakeholders including shareholders, customers, supply chain, society and employees.

Skanska AB, our parent company, is a listed Swedish stock corporation, governed in accordance with Swedish corporate legislation, Skanska's Articles of Association and the listing rules for NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. Skanska applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. 

Skanska UK organisation and governance 

Skanska UK’s structure consists of five operating units responsible for different services and sectors. Each has a managing director and a leadership team. Skanska UK also has a number of centralised support functions such as HR and IT, called enabling functions. 

Skanska’s UK operation is governed through the following bodies: 

Executive Management Team responsible for setting strategic direction, led by UK President and CEO Katy Dowding. 

Senior management team Skanska UK executives who manage the day-to-day operation of the business. 

Our Group governance framework provides a clear framework of policies, procedures and standards to reduce risks and increase the effectiveness of our operations. It also makes it easier for us to live by our Code of Conduct and our company values. Skanska UK operates in accordance with the Wates Corporate Governance Principles for large private companies. 

Skanska UK tax strategy 

We manage our tax affairs in accordance with the standards and behaviours set out in the Skanska Code of Conduct. Key to managing our tax responsibilities in the UK is maintaining an open and honest relationship with HM Revenue & Customs and keeping our low-risk status. We are fully compliant with the tax laws in the jurisdictions in which we operate and pay all taxes due. 

Last updated: 18/12/2023