Healthy resilient places for all

Many of today’s buildings and spaces are not designed for the challenges faced by modern society – challenges such as extreme weather, air pollution, energy shortages and water scarcity. They also may not be designed for changes in social patterns, such as rising urban population density and changing living habits. We envision a world where sustainability is simply built into living – and a future filled with healthier, more sustainable, more resilient urban spaces. Places shaped together. For all. 

What is social value and why does it matter?

Social value is about making positive social, economic and environmental impacts on communities and wider society. At Skanska, we believe social value is a core aspect of sustainable development. We also believe that delivering lasting social value can be achieved alongside successful major construction.

That means, working on initiatives with our supply chains and local stakeholders to help communities to thrive. And it means making decision based on social and environmental impacts as well as financial outcomes.

The approach we take supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and reflects the UK Government’s four priority areas for delivering social value:

  • Promoting skills and jobs through inclusion and diversity.
  • Promoting skills and jobs through training and employment opportunities.
  • Increasing supply chain resilience and capacity.
  • Delivering net-zero and fighting climate change.
Last updated: 15/02/2023