Water is a finite resource. As with all other resources, we must manage it responsibly. Globally, many of the water systems that keep ecosystems thriving and serve a growing human population have become stressed. Rivers and lakes are drying up or becoming too polluted to use.

Managing demand

In the coming years, the combined effects of climate change and an increasing population will put further pressure on the availability of fresh water. We need to act now to manage our demand, or our water supplies could be compromised.

Protecting local water sources

We are working hard to minimise the use of water in all our operations. However, larger gains can be made if we help our customers develop and construct buildings and infrastructure scheme that use less water during their lifetime and protect local water sources.

This can be achieved in buildings through the adoption of water saving and recycling technologies, and on infrastructure projects through sustainable urban drainage systems.

Environmental management

We have been working with industry groups, such as the Green Construction Board to improve water management. We have developed protocols, management tools and training materials that are freely available to everyone. Together with partners across the value chain we have been focusing on the following areas:

  • measure it, manage it. The simple first step is to measure water consumption and set targets to minimise usage. Increasingly we do this with smart meters
  • adopting water-saving technology. Reduce mains water consumption by using equipment that is water efficient. Alternatively, use other, non-potable water sources, such as rainwater capture. Every year we capture innovative solutions from our supply chain through our annual Supply Chain Green Solutions Awards
  • engaging our people. Technology alone will not result in a water-efficient construction site. It's the people working on our sites who operate machinery and control water outlets that have the power to reduce water consumption
  • keep it clean. We take care to prevent pollution, inspecting drains regularly and keeping them well maintained to protect natural water courses and ground water sources.
Last updated: 23/01/2017