Meet our people – Dan

Dan is one of our senior engineering surveyors. He’s working on the Northern Hub, helping to improve the transport network in Manchester. The project involves building a new viaduct to connect Manchester’s Victoria, Oxford Road and Piccadilly stations. So, he’s helping to make better connections in the north of England, to help stimulate economic growth in the region.

Meet Dan

Dan uses the latest digital engineering tools, like building information modelling (BIM) and laser scanning, to create 3D models of the project. He also engages regularly with stakeholders, like the local authority and transport companies. As the project progresses, he’ll engage more with the end users of the network.

“I’ve had the privilege of working on a number of projects at Skanska,” says Dan. “I work with a great team and we all support each other to get the very best out of each day.

“I love working in the heart of the city, where I can see the project develop and realise how it will touch on the community. Not only will it make it easier for people to move around, it will also give access to better opportunities for those in the region.”

Last updated: 23/01/2017