Skanska MOD scheme named Constructing Excellence Demonstration Project

Press release 16/05/2005 00:00 CET

Skanska’s latest scheme for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has been named a Demonstration Project by Constructing Excellence in the Built Environment.

The scheme to redevelop Woodbridge Airfield into new barracks, accommodation and training facilities for Defence Estates (DE) is worth around £90 million and is currently in progress near Woodbridge in Suffolk.

“We are very proud to be promoting Woodbridge as a Demonstration Project. “Not many projects can boast a commitment to Environment, Health and Safety quite as extensive as this scheme,” said Sue Innes, Regional Director of Constructing Excellence.

The launch of Constructing Excellence at Woodbridge took place last week and was attended by representatives from the Health and Safety Executive and Defence Estates as well as Environment, Health and Safety professionals from Skanska and its supply chain.

Alan Smith, the DE Project Manager said: "What we have here at Woodbridge is exactly what DE expected to achieve with the Prime Contracting Initiative, that is to create and develop a collaborative and co-operative Partnership between Skanska, Defence Estates, our Army Customer and the End User.

“It is gratifying to experience the way Skanska have embraced Prime Contracting and to be part of a Team that is working so hard for us."

Phil Tranter, Deputy Project Manager for Defence Estates commented: “I think that the fact that we’re speaking on the same stage emphasises the relationship that’s being enjoyed on this project. It also shows the strength of the team and of the Prime Contracting initiative.”

Attendees at the event took part in an open debate on health and safety progress, including issues demonstrated by Skanska at Woodbridge. A further example was one trade contractor revamping its safety protocols to match Skanska’s, following a vastly reduced accident rate whilst working on the Woodbridge scheme, commenting that the project: “hasn’t just changed health and safety for Skanska, it’s changed it for the industry,” – Skanska has recorded zero reportable accidents on the scheme to date.

Skanska’s Woodbridge scheme is the second major project for the MOD to be undertaken recently, following the successful £352 million regeneration of the MOD’s Whitehall headquarters under PFI, which completed in Summer 2004, two months ahead of schedule. The Woodbridge scheme is due for completion in Summer 2006.