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Skanska’s facilities at Bentley Works, Doncaster in South Yorkshire underwent a significant redevelopment, which was completed in May 2015.

The facilities have 5,000 sqm of workshops developed to the highest environmental standards. These buildings have a near zero impact on the environment and are future proof.

Green features

The redevelopment benefits Skanska’s clients by providing a modern facility for engineering, manufacturing and pre-fabrication of products for the whole construction industry.

The facilities demonstrate how sustainable construction methods help to protect the environment and deliver savings for our clients and their tenants.

At Bentley Works, features such as: natural lighting and cooling, solar panels that generate energy and a dual-fuel heating system that uses biomass and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) from waste oil, have reduced the workshops energy usage by 40% and the office accommodation usage by 25%.

This led to Skanska receiving the Low Carbon Leader Award at New Civil Engineer’s 100 Companies of the Year Award 2016.

Promoting healthy working environments

The Bentley Works office and workshop promote healthy working environments for occupants. Improvements to layout and noise, indoor air quality, and a central light well bringing more daylight into the building have resulted in a 34 percent increase in employee satisfaction and comfort.

There has also been 3.5 times fewer building-related sick days taken in 2015 compared to other Skanska offices in the UK.

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