River Humber gas pipeline replacement project

  • This will be the longest gas pipeline in a tunnel, inserted in a single string, in the world.

In a joint venture with PORR and A.Hak, Skanska was awarded a National Grid contract to design and build a replacement, high-pressure gas pipeline. Housed within a tunnel, underneath the River Humber, the pipeline was to replace the existing one, which lay on the riverbed.

The joint venture provided full design and construction for the 5km tunnel under the River Humber. It involved inserting a single string of 42” steel pipe and connecting it into the above-ground installations at Paull and Goxhill villages.

World record pipeline

The new pipeline set a world record for the longest gas pipeline inserted into a tunnel in one piece.

The joint venture was formed to bring together international expertise to deliver the project in an innovative, sustainable and collaborative way. The new tunnel will protect the pipeline for the long term, helping the National Grid to provide a vital service to millions of people.

The River Humber pipeline is part of the national transmission system. It connects the import terminal at Easington, on the East Yorkshire coast, to the wider network. It also delivers gas to millions of customers throughout the UK. 

Vital work

Over time, the tidal patterns of the River Humber eroded the riverbed covering the original pipeline. This meant parts were at risk of exposure. A short-term engineering solution was put in place in 2010 to protect the pipeline by covering exposed areas. This project delivered a long-term replacement. 

The pipeline is 3.36 miles (5.4km) long, of which 3.18 miles (5km) is tunnelled. It is 42" (1050mm) in diameter and transports natural gas at a pressure of 70barg.

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