River Humber gas pipeline replacement project

Humber as-built carbon footprint

We delivered a £150m world-record breaking engineering project for National Grid, working with A.Hak and Porr. The new gas pipeline, completed in 2020, sits 30 metres below the River Humber’s surface. It replaced trench-laid gas pipework which had become exposed to volatile tides in one of the world’s busiest estuaries for marine traffic.

The challenge

Our design and environmental consultancy team helped to calculate Skanska’s first as-built carbon footprint, which supported the newly formed PAS2080 process. The project was complex, as three joint venture partners and multiple suppliers had to provide data so that we could calculate the footprint including A1-A5 (materials, transport, waste, water, fuel and power).

The solution

The team used detailed commercial data and aligned the as-built carbon data to carbon and cost to show the hotspots for both carbon and cost for National Grid’s future benefit.

The outcome

A detailed PowerBi was provided to ultimate client for existing project and future use when carrying out similar schemes. The product allows for a detailed carbon analysis down to supplier, detailed material lists and concrete types.

The value engineering decisions made on the project were recorded and the project team were able to see that their decision to implement concrete with GGBS had a 96% implementation rate, reducing carbon substantially from the baseline. In total, 3.5M KgCO2e were reduced from design stage carbon.

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