60 London Wall

  • 60 London Wall artist impression

In 2017, Skanska was awarded the £140 million contract to carry out a large-scale structural refurbishment of the original, 7-storey steel-framed building constructed in the 1990s. Our multidisciplinary team is installing the mechanical, electrical, and public health services.

The ten storey, 324,000 sq ft, commercial mixed-use office space is finished to a grade A specification and includes retail facilities. As a result of the office space being designed around a single atrium, people using the building will benefit from excellent levels of natural light.

Protecting people, the environment and reducing costs

Throughout the construction phase, the team drew on its excellent relationship with its supply chain to research and adopt new techniques that reduced the carbon impact, as well as keeping everyone who works with Skanska safe and well. An example of this is their work to reduce the amount of dust and waste materials used and produced on site.

This was achieved by using an innovative open-cell sponge solution, typically used in marine construction, instead of the traditional shot-blasting method.

This meant that any material used during the process could be collected and reused up to four times, using 80 per cent less material and reducing the amount of dust produced by 40 per cent. It also reduced the total number of vehicles delivering to and removing waste from the site from 67 to 18.

This innovative approach enabled the team to deliver better and more effective results for the customer, saving £114,000 in delivery, waste removal and landfill costs.

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