Tata Steel UK

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The project

As part of TATA steel environmental improvement works, a scheme was commissioned to install a ‘Dedusting’ package which reduces dust particles currently emitted into the local atmosphere from the sinter plant.

The challenge

Our design team were asked to work on several areas. Some of which are outlined below:

  • Design all foundations (piled and ground bearing), for plant items;
  • Design of drainage and external works;
  • Structural assessment of existing structures; and
  • Temporary works design.

The solution

Our design team was then able to assist the project in several ways that met the customers cost, time, and environmental requirements.

The outcome

Through continued support and diversity of tasks requested from our designers, we were able to reduce waste and associated carbon emissions through designing for reuse and reassembly.

The quality of our delivery was to a high standard so much we have been continuing support through design reviews of other external reviews for TATA Steel UK.

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