Skanska introduces green measurement system to drive zero-impact facilities management

Press release 09/03/2017 11:00 CET

A new measuring system for environmental impact in facilities management has been developed by Skanska.

A version of Skanska’s Color Palette™, created originally for construction projects, it is designed to promote sustainability and increase the number of contracts, projects and lifecycle works with zero or next to no adverse impact on the environment.

Skanska is one of the UK’s leading green contractors. It believes that construction and facilities management with a near-zero impact on the environment is a realistic goal. This new initiative is part of a wider drive for sustainability by Skanska, looking at how healthier buildings support greater productivity.

The Skanska Color Palette™ measures environmental impact across a spectrum, ranging from vanilla, which means compliant with legislation, to Deep Green, the highest standard. To be rated deep green, a contract, project or lifecycle works must achieve near-zero environmental impact at least in a minimum of three core areas, including energy, carbon, waste, materials and water.

Cutting carbon emissions and a low-carbon approach are at the heart of the initiative. A range of positive benefits include protecting the environment and making buildings healthier places to be in.

Skanska Managing Director Katy Dowding said: “Facilities management has a big role to play in helping to create healthier buildings in a more sustainable society. It’s bigger than many people think, as buildings are typically in use for decades, perhaps centuries. Being green also saves customers money, as they use less energy and produce less waste.

“We want to encourage the entire facilities management industry to be focused on sustainability. Measuring the impact of our work is an essential part of understanding how to achieve that. This new Color Palette™ allows us to set some clear targets – for us and our customers.”