Skanska recognised as Climate Leader in Europe by Financial Times

Press release 16/05/2024 14:00 CET

Skanska has been named “Climate Leader in Europe” for the third year running in a prestigious ranking collated by the Financial Times and data insight company Statista.

CEO Anders Danielsson says the recognition of Skanska as a European climate leader is a proof we are on the right path. “This is acknowledgement of how we create and implement transformative climate solutions, drive our business forward and empower our customers to succeed in meeting their sustainability goals,” he says.

“We are doing this by delivering solutions that are low in carbon, circular, smart and sustainable. Our goal is to transition to low-carbon construction across all our projects and ultimately meet our target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2045. Scaling these solutions will be critical for the transition of our industry and the built environment.”

Lena Hök, EVP Sustainability and Innovation, adds “Our key focus areas are materials, energy and designing for efficiency,” she says. “Within these, we see particular potential when we are involved in the early phases of a project and can impact the design and planning. Bu using our pool of global sustainability experts as well as smart devices it is possible to substantially increase resource and energy efficiency in both the construction and operations phases”.

Lena continues, “We expect demand for sustainable and climate-resilient solutions and products for the built environment will continue to increase. We also see opportunities in advancing our digital transformation. Looking ahead, generative AI and machine learning have the potential to make large amounts of data available for improved decision making and increased efficiency.”

Skanska annually reports carbon dioxide emissions in its Annual and Sustainability Report as well as key figures in the quarterly report.

The Climate Leaders list this year features 600 companies, doubling the 300 companies included when the list was first introduced in 2021. These companies were selected from an initial pool of approximately 2,000 candidates.

The methodology and focus of the review are described at the link below. Europe’s Climate Leaders 2024: interactive listing (ft.com)