Press release 20/02/1998 00:00 CET

Kvaerner Water and Gammon Construction have been awarded a £155 million contract (HK$ 2 billion) for the design, construction, process installation and commissioning of a major water treatment facility and pumping station to improve the water supply and distribution for the whole of Hong Kong’s north-eastern New Territories. The client is the Hong Kong Government’s Water Supplies Department.

The plant, located near Tai Po in the north-eastern New Territories, will have an initial capacity of 250,000m3 per day. Future stages will increase the capacity to 1,200,000m3 per day, making it the largest plant of its type in the world

Commenting on the award, Keith Clarke, chief executive, Kvaerner Construction said "Winning this project represent an important milestone in the development of Kvaerner Water as a major international process engineering contractor. Tai Po is a land-mark project; it is also the first large overseas project for Kvaerner Water and the first large scale collaboration between Kvaerner Water and Gammon"

A key factor in the contract award was Kvaerner Water’s expertise in dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology. This process removes suspended matter by induced flotation using very fine air bubbles based on Sulzer technology in two filtration stages (biological and flocculating). Kvaerner Water’s expertise in this technology has been demonstrated in the recent completion of a number of plants in the UK.

The contract is to be carried out to a tight programme with plant commissioning scheduled for October 2000.


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