Press release 11/02/1999 00:00 CET

Thanks to Kvaerner Construction, Thames Water’s biggest investment project to improve sewage treatment for Londoners is up and running ahead of the statutory deadline for new EC environmental standards.

Originally scheduled as a full two-year programme, the flagship Hogsmill works at Kingston reached structural completion in only 22.5 months and is now handling around 95,000 cubic metres of sewage a day as it gears up towards full capacity of 207,000 3m/day.

Although the contract was not let until April 1997, the plant is already meeting the new Discharge Consent regulations, ahead of schedule.

Said Kvaerner’s project manager, Derek Archer: "Thames Water recognises this is a truly outstanding achievement, as many people did not think we could complete it in less than 24 months."

Kvaerner Construction, undertook all the detailed design, procurement and construction for the £30 million treatment works scheme based on Thames Water’s specification and process design.

"The key to our fast-track success was a truly exceptional working relationship with Thames Water and an intensive design input from the outset, which gave construction work on-site a flying start just three months after the contract was awarded."

Many of the Hogsmill team had come from Kvaerner’s award-winning Abbey Mills pumping station project for Thames Water in East London. They have just battled through one of the wettest winters on record to score an engineering breakthrough for the UK water industry.

Work is now progressing on final testing and commissioning of the Hogsmill works, which is the largest sewage treatment works development undertaken by Thames in recent times, serving 350,000 domestic users across south-west London.

The fully-automated plant replaces the ageing Hogsmill and Worcester Park works and will be computer-controlled from Thames Water’s Beddington works in Croydon.

"This has been an excellent business and service level performance by the joint Thames-Kvaerner team", said Michael Thomas of Thames Water.


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