Developing tomorrow’s leaders

Press release 16/09/2014 14:00 CET

Generation Y representatives from clients, partners, government and industry bodies attended two strategic thinking workshops organised by Skanska, aimed at developing the leaders of tomorrow.

The workshops, held last week, were facilitated by GovKnow.

It was a chance for Skanska’s bright under 35 year olds to meet, work and build networks with under 35 year olds from existing and future clients and government organisations.

The workshops were aimed at teaching attendees about strategic thinking and how to apply it in their own working environment. The sessions challenged delegates to form resilient business models that could adapt to uncertain futures – including changing demographics, technological innovation and climate change.

The other objective was for people to start building relationships with peers from different sectors and other organisations. Executive Vice President Paul Chandler and Strategic Development Director Des Bourne both spoke about the value of building positive relationships now that will pay significant dividends in the future.

Environment Director Jennifer Clark challenged the group to take ownership of developing innovative solutions to challenges facing the construction industry and taking the lead on realising opportunities to boost the impact of the construction industry on local communities.

Strategic Development Director Des Bourne, who opened the event, said:

“The workshops were hugely inspiring for everyone who attended, although the principles apply to all of our people, not just the managers of today and tomorrow.

“Leadership is all about people; how we connect, influence and inspire and that’s something we can all do.

“During my career there have been significant changes that have impacted on our markets and sectors, from the rise of service industries, globalisation and privatisation to digital technologies, digital assets and digital economies.

“What’s important is how we respond. By listening carefully to our clients, partners and communities and thinking differently and innovatively about the work we do we can deliver the best value solutions for customers.”