Press release 18/08/1999 00:00 CET

A new system which measures the success of contract partnerships and identifies ways of improving performance has been developed by Kvaerner Construction to assess and grow its partnering skills.

The Partnering and Alliancing Self Assessment (PASS) system, developed by the company’s in-house Partnering Forum, uses self-assessment questionnaires to measure how well partnerships develop throughout the contract. It has been developed by the forum over the last year and launched at a series of workshops across the country.

The questionnaire measures four areas with scores given as percentages. The areas are:

· Driving the partnering process - measures top-level involvement and commitment;

· Information and knowledge - measures capabilities and attitudes;

· "How and when" mechanics - measures how well opportunities are being maximised; and

· Doing it! - measures the success of partnering in practice.

The results indicate which areas the partnership needs to strengthen, and when subsequent questionnaires are completed the system allows for focus on specific areas and continuous improvement throughout the project.

David Fison, executive vice president of Kvaerner Construction’s main contracting businesses, said: "Across Kvaerner Construction most of our jobs involve some sort of partnering. This tool now allows our people to focus on areas for improvement and measure the success of working collaboratively with clients and suppliers. It is effective and drives continuous improvement."


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