ITV interviews Roger Bayliss following latest GDP figures

Press release 26/10/2012 16:00 CET

Roger Bayliss, Executive Vice President, gave an interview to ITV News yesterday, providing insight into the construction industry and its contribution to the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP) figures.

The GDP figures revealed that the UK is now out of double-dip recession, with a 1% rise in the third quarter of 2012. The construction sector was the only non-performer, shrinking by 2.5% – a 10.8% drop over the past year.

In an interview filmed at Skanska’s St Bartholomew’s hospital site, Roger Bayliss highlighted that new orders in the construction industry are at their lowest level in 30 years. He called on the government to finalise its investment plans for energy projects and to remove delays to projects that are ready to start, in order to get the construction industry moving again.

Click here to watch the full interview on itv.com.