Skanska innovation provides a solution to obtrusive rooftop antenna

Press release 31/10/2002 00:00 CET

Skanska Technology has launched a retractable antenna mounting for mobile phone base stations that is far less obtrusive than current stub mast and pole installations. Designed in-house, it is also safe, quick and easy to install and maintain, producing long-term cost benefits for mobile phone operators.

Like stub masts or pole supports, the new antenna mount is positioned on building rooftops, but rather than protruding upwards, it hangs over parapets on specially designed hinged bearings which allow it to be retracted for maintenance.

Another benefit of this discrete solution for rooftop antenna mounting is that it’s designed to make it easier for mobile phone companies to gain planning consents.

The retractable antenna mount causes little interference to roof finishes and installation does not require rope and harness techniques or cherry pickers, which pose safety hazards and additional costs. It does not even need to be lifted into position by crane, as all components are light enough to be carried to rooftops via stairs or lifts.

Skanska Technology’s Daniel Sharp said, ”The simple design, which sits on a small concrete plinth, takes just ten minutes to assemble. Access for maintenance is very quick and easy.”

Maintenance is simple, with just one person required to raise and rotate the antenna onto the rooftop with minimal effort. This dramatically cuts the whole life costs for maintaining the antenna, with no need for trained climbers or mechanical lift platforms.

Mr Sharp continued, “Working with our colleagues at Skanska Networks, who build telecommunications infrastructure, we identified a need for an antenna mounting which is discrete, easy to install and maintain, and incurs the operator low lifetime costs. This does exactly that and we have already received a positive response from the market. The mount would also suit other applications such as CCTV cameras or flood lighting.”

Companies interested in finding out more, or seeing a demonstration, can contact Mr Sharp at Skanska Technology’s Cambridge office on 01223 370132.