Kvaerner Construction wins Florida architecture prize

Press release 15/03/2000 00:00 CET

Restoration work on a 1920s Venetian-style art museum in Florida has won Kvaerner Construction a prestigious prize from the American Institute of Architects.

The company’s Tampa-based subsidiary, Kvaerner Construction Inc, is part way through a contract to restore the building, known as Ca’d’Zan, for the local Ringling Museum of Art.

Kvaerner Construction’s operations manager for the project, Alan Coomb, said: “Everyone involved is highly delighted to be recognised for the meticulous care involved in restoring Ca’d’Zan. It is detailed and difficult work with a lot of quality control involved to save those features which are salvageable and make new items match the existing ones.”

The museum is currently undergoing a four-year programme of £11 million-plus worth of restoration work that started in 1997, aimed at restoring the building to its former glory when it was home to the Ringlings, a local circus family who became Florida’s major art benefactors.

Most of the exterior work has now been completed. Kvaerner Construction is due to finish the interior next year.

The award was instituted by the Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects to recognise the company or individual that has exemplified interest, ingenuity and outstanding performance in pursuit of their craft.


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