New steel decking cuts concrete use by up to 32 per cent

Press release 09/07/2001 00:00 CET

Skanska’s structural flooring specialist Richard Lees Steel Decking (RLSD) has developed a revolutionary type of steel decking that can cut concrete topping by up to 32 per cent.

The product, Ribdeck E60, has been intensively developed over a number of months in co-operation with Corus and will be available in August. It’s the latest addition to RLSD’s range following the successful introduction of longer spanning Ribdeck 80 last year.

Ribdeck E60’s sophisticated design reduces concrete topping by being a more geometrically effective and strong profile. It creates a more efficient option for constructing shallow slabs by combining robustness and strength with minimum concrete content.

Compared to typical previous generation profiles, such as re-entrant steel decks with slab depths of 120mm, Ribdeck E60 can cut concrete volume by 32 per cent, and by 13 per cent for trapezoidal steel decks. For slab depths of 150mm, it can save 27 per cent on concrete volume compared to re-entrant steel decks and 9.6 per cent for the trapezoidal profiles.

For a project using 10,000 square metres of re-entrant steel decking at a slab depth of 120mm, E60 can cut the concrete topping by 270 cubic metres, while it cuts it by 110 cubic metres compared to a trapezoidal steel deck.

Ribdeck E60 is made from Z35 grade galvanised steel to give greater strength. The profile is one metre wide, which provides greater floor coverage per panel, speeding installation.