Serious safety message raises £2000 for Lighthouse Club

Press release 29/04/2002 00:00 CET

Skanska AB executive vice-president Keith Clarke called for clients and PFI backers to play their role in driving safety standards on construction projects before hosting a fun auction that raised £2000 for the Lighthouse Club’s Benevolent Fund.

Speaking after dinner at a PPP conference in France, Mr Clarke said, “Safety in construction is the responsibility of all project stakeholders, not just contractors. Clients, PFI consortium members and funders have to use their influence in driving project safety.

“This includes ensuring Major Contractor Group safety initiatives are implemented on their projects and using a contractor’s safety record as a criteria for selection. We all have to ensure that construction delivers a safer working environment for its people.”

Mr Clarke hosted the auction with Innisfree’s David Metter where guests bought lighthearted prizes such as blank paper posing as the Enron accounts and a trip on the external hoist at Skanska’s rising Swiss Re project, currently up to level 15, followed by breakfast at the site canteen – if they have the stomach for it after the hoist ride!

The £2000 raised went to the industry’s own charity, the Lighthouse Club.
The cheque was presented by Mr Clarke and Mr Metter to Keith Chaundy, past chairman of the club's National Council, who said, “Keith is right – clients have a role in driving site safety and while we can see instances where that is happening, there is room for more.”