Decking helps preserve historical remains

Press release 16/08/2002 00:00 CET

Decking from Skanska company Richard Less Steel Decking is helping preserve the remains of the Benedictine Priory believed to be the final resting-place of Lady Godiva.

The ruins close to Coventry Cathedral were discovered when a building was demolished to make way for a new office block for the Cathedral. Excavations revealed the Priory, including a piece of stained glass possibly depicting Godiva’s image and fragments of medieval wall painting depicting the Apocalypse.

To ensure this piece of history is not lost, the new office block will be constructed on a steel framed platform held up by stilts straddling the Priory, allowing the public to see the ruins through shop-style panoramic glass windows as they pass by.

The platform’s decking is supplied by Richard Lees Steel Decking, which was called in by main contractor Galliford-Try to supply 450 square metres of its product Ribdeck.