Skanska UK announces new management structure

Press release 03/12/2003 00:00 CET

Skanska UK is changing its management structure and board to better reflect its strategy. A more tight-knit senior management team will focus on how to effectively share capabilities and knowledge, exceeding customer expectations and further improve operational efficiency.

David Fison, CEO said “While we have gone a long way to achieve our strategy already, we need to take further steps to reflect this in our structure and to do this in a cost efficient way with lower overheads.”

Reporting to David Fison as CEO there will be six Executive Vice Presidents. Simon Hipperson will have responsibility for PFI & Technology and Mike Putnam will be responsible for all Civil Engineering and Specialist businesses. Peter Coote will have responsibility for Construction, encompassing Building and Mechanical & Electrical.

Joining them are Trisha Jones, Human Resources, John Keehan, Finance and Mark Galloway, Legal.