The State Hospital

  • Modern, airy facilities at The State Hospital, Lanarkshire
  • Access points at The State Hospital are bright and welcoming
  • Residents’ rooms at The State Hospital are light and spacious
  • The state-of-the-art security room at The State Hospital

We demolished, refurbished and reconfigured Lanarkshire State Hospital’s 1,500sqm of existing buildings to create a new 19,000sqm facility.

This transformation included mechanical, electrical, voice and data installations.

Minimal disruption

We completed the project in three phases, in consideration of patients’ and employees’ needs. This approach enabled the hospital to operate with minimal disruption during the redevelopment work.

The hospital manages the security requirements for its patients. For this reason, its range of facilities – therapeutic, vocational, social and physical – is housed within the perimeter fence.

An enhanced environment

The project delivered significant landscaping throughout the 60-acre site. This improved the environment for staff members and residents. This solution works perfectly for a facility that provides care for very ill, detained patients. It also protects them, the public and the staff from harm.

The principal aim is to rehabilitate patients to enable safe transfer to other secure facilities to complete their treatment. One of just four high-security hospitals in the UK, it serves Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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