Foundation testing and monitoring

Testing and monitoring allows us to understand how our solutions are performing. We use the latest technologies and draw on our broad, geotechnical experience to make sure that we are collecting high quality data and to ensure that what we measure makes a difference. We also offer standalone instrumentation, testing and monitoring services to third parties.


Checking the quality of deep foundations is essential to ensure that they will stand the test of time. Deep ground is a challenging environment in which to pour concrete and so we have developed and patented a new system for thermal integrity testing, CemOptics.

This system uses the latest fibre optic sensing technology to measure the heat generated by the setting of cement. Our technicians review this data in real time and identify any anomalies which could indicate defects. This award winning and innovative solution is simple to install and, when compared to using the reservation ducts required for other, intrusive tests, is both safer and reduces carbon footprint.

Pile Load Testing

When it comes to understanding how piles behave, there are few better ways than to carry out a full-sized test. This involves applying substantial forces to the pile head and carefully measuring how it responds. Using high precision instruments and computer controlled systems, we have carried out many thousands of these tests over the last 20 years, including the UK’s largest, with a maximum load of 50.5 MN [5,050 tonnes].

Drawing on the strength of our in-house steel fabrications facilities as well as our geotechnical design team, we are able to tackle any load testing requirement from start to finish; creating, collecting and then analysing the data to both validate the design and provide best value for our clients. We also use our accumulated knowledge to better understand how soils respond and are able to push the boundaries of pile design in certain UK soils.

Instrumentation and Monitoring

Our interest in geotechnical performance does not stop when we leave site. Through our testing and monitoring department we continue to measure how our products are performing. We combine traditional technology such as vibrating wire instruments with the latest developments in sensing technology to offer bespoke solutions for our clients.

As a founding member of the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure in Construction (CSIC), we have long established relationships with both academia and across the industry. The knowledge gained from these connections has enabled us to rapidly bring new technologies to our clients. This includes the use of distributed fibre optic sensing which is uniquely able to measure the full distribution of strain within structural elements.

When combined with pile load testing, this allows us unique insight into pile performance, helping to inform design both on the project, but also for the future of the industry.

Last updated: 22/02/2021