Press release 09/04/1999 00:00 CET

Kvaerner Construction has been awarded a £2 million contract to lay 1.3 kilometres of sewers and a sewer overflow for Yorkshire Water. It is the second contract the company has won on the utility’s Ovenden and Illingworth main sewerage project.

The sewers, which will be between 750mm to 1,300mm in diameter, will be constructed in a steep-sided valley alongside the existing Ovenden Brook. They will be between one to five metres underground, buried in sandstone rock.

A 22-metre by six-metre reinforced concrete combined sewer overflow, which is almost 4.5 metres deep, will also be built below an existing road which will be supported and closed throughout construction.

A new two-metre wide tunnel and shaft will divert flows from existing sewers into the new overflow. Six existing overflows will be diverted into the main pipework and will eventually flow into a shaft and tunnel system Kvaerner Construction is also building as part of a £3.5 million contract it was awarded last year.

The latest contract is the sixth to be awarded to Kvaerner Construction under Yorkshire Water Services’ Preferred Contractor Framework Agreement. Work on both of the contracts is expected to be completed by December.


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